Upgrade XSharper in-place
To check if you run the latest version of XSharper, and automatically upgrade if you don't, run

C:\>xsharper //upgrade
XSharper v.0.9.1057.0 DeltaX Inc. Copyright (c) 2006-2009
Currently executing R:\xsharper.exe
Checking the latest XSharper version...
The latest available version is 0.9.1057.0
Installed XSharper version is up to date.

Display execution time and exit code
If you run XSharper through Start Menu -> Run ( or through keyboard via Windows + R ), when script terminates, its window disappears by default.

To make the window stay, display execution time & exit code use //wait parameter:

C:\>xsharper hello.xsh  //wait
Hello, World
Hello, World
Hello, World
Completed in 00:00:00.2778342 with exit code=0. Press Enter to close...

Generate sample script
Just to produce a sample XSharper script that does, well, does not do anything really:

C:\>xsharper //gensample 
sample.xsh created.

Likewise, a configuration file may be created:

C:\>xsharper //genconfig
app.config created.