Getting help

It's difficult to remember all XSharper options. It's even more difficult to remember all XSharper actions and parameters. And it's impossible to remember all classes in .NET framework.

Yes, there is Internet, and MSDN, and Visual Studio, but I often find myself in a situation I need a brief piece of help. Command syntax perhaps. Exact parameter order. Fast.

To get help about XSharper command line options:

xsharper /?

To list all XSharper built-in actions:

xsharper /? *

To learn about a specific XSharper built-in action:

xsharper /? print
xsharper /? service

To print all loaded .NET types with type matching *Con*:

xsharper /? *Con*

To print all public methods and properties of a specific .NET type:

xsharper /? Console
xsharper /? System.IO.IOException
xsharper /? XS.ScriptContext